Great comeback from Tonky Frans and good show of Xenia Kessler on day 4 in light wind conditions at Sotavento. The pressure on the title aspirants in the men category stepped up. Kiri Thode, Steven van Broeckhoven and Gollito Estredo have to be ready all the time, but were just on hold on day 4. Overall 3 ladies and 7 men heats of the men had been sailed this day.

Tonky Frans


On the fourth day of the PWA freestyle event on Fuerteventura, Sotavento looked a bit different. Light wind and very flat water. Dieter van der Eyken commented, that he feels like in the Caribbean. And Tom Brendt added: “It´s like a penalty shootout. If you catch the gust, you hit the goal, if not, you will lose.”


Tonky Frans was definitely the rider of the day. He took the victories against Ian Mauro Lemos, Phil Soltysiak, Antony Runes and his fellow country man Björn Saragoza, who also put a great show on the flat water by winning against Israelian hot shot Yarden Meir, Quincy Offringa and light wind expert Davy Scheffers. In his fifth heat of the day he faced his bro Taty. Both performed far outside on the right edge of the competition area and nailed impressive moves in super gusty and shifty wind: big Konos, Shaka Flakas, Burners, Culos. Despite the unsteady conditions heat 7 saw no result.

“The Frans brothers took to the water and pumped their way through the whole heat landing their moves, however the judges felt that the tricks they were pulling wasn’t a fair representation of their talents. The heat was cancelled due to the light winds and the sailors were placed back on standby.” (Ed Sinclair, PWA)


We definitely have to add, that the level on all heats were impressive. Despite the difficult conditions – the sailors had to look for the gusts and perform far outside – we saw an impressive show with pure flat water freestyle, which favoured the pros from Bonaire.

A happy Tonky

The fight for the worldtitle in the men´s category is extremely tight at the moment. Tom Brendt told us, that Gollito have to win at Fuerteventura and Sylt to win the title. But he is extremely motivated! But Steven must be in one of the both events further back, than on the second position. At the moment all looks well for Steven, but Kiri could change evrything winning here at Fuerteventura. And we all know, that he is definitely in favour of this tricky flatwater conditions! On the final last two days just light wind conditions are predicted!


The 8 freestyle ladies started their first double elimination on day 4 at 15:20 and it definitely looked like that all of them felt much better in the lighter wind conditions and could perform more nicely. Mio Anayama, who had her PWA debut this year and travels all around the world to train and compete at the best freestyle windsurfing venues, made it up a round, but then got stopped by Danish Xenia Kessler, who put a nice show on the water. She slided through Flakas, Grubbies, Spocks and landed Forward loops. She also defeated Arianne Aukes from the Netherlands.


Ed Sinclair, PWA press man, commented the duel as following: “Arch rivals, Arrianne Aukes and Xenia Kessler then took to the water for their seventh showdown this season. With five wins to one Aukes was confident as she entered the heat, pulling a super-fast spock on the way out, however it was Kessler’s day and she flew through her tricks without fault ensuring the judges awarded her the most points, knocking Aukes down into fifth place.”


The heat between Yoli de Brendt and Xenia Kessler did not happen due to the lack of wind. So this one will be the first one on day 5. The skippersmeeting will be on at 11.00 and the first possible start is scheduled for 11.30.

3 to 4 heats in the ladies fleet and 4-5 men heats have to be sailed to see a full result in the double elimination.


© 2011, PWA, Ed Sinclair


  • Actual double elimination men standing here
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