One and a half completed heats, light wind and beautiful summer weather during day 1 at the PWA Freestyle Worldcup on Fuerteventura



Day 1 at Fuerteventura saw unexpected wind during the morning hours. The riders from the first heats had their warm-up in between a few Slalom sailors from Team Pryde (Antoine Albeau, Arnon Dagan and Robert Stroj), who were testing sails. Around midday the first two heats of the single elimination got completed in relatively light flat water conditions. 4 riders were competing at the same time on the water. The beach was really packed with a lot of specatators. Italian Mattia Fabrizi won against Florian Wegerer from Bonaire in heat 1a. The heat 1b between Quincy Offringa and Nic Hibdige saw no clear result and has to be resailed tomorrow.


Heat 2 got completed. Andy “Bubble” Chambers won against 17 years-old Levi Eliran from Israel. “The wind was light and patchy and the area was far out. I was on my 4,8m and 100 liter board, but made all my moves, although I had to do some old school stuff, like Willy Skippers”, Bubble stated. Antoine Albert from New Caledonia won against the UK freestyler Adam Sims, who recovers from an injury on  his finger.


Heat 3 got started as well, but had to be cancelled as the wind dropped massively. Unfortunately the wind never returned and race director Duncan Coombs called it a day. The race director did not push too much in the very light wind conditions, but he already announced that if the conditions will be the same, he wants to push harder, when the conditions stay light. Get your 5 m sails ready! First possible start is set for 10.30 tomorrow morning!


Single elimination Fuerte Freestyle day1

Single elimination Fuerte Freestyle day1