After the final PWA event on Sal, Cape Verde, the PWA constructors title 2010 got announced. The results ended really close. In the board ranking JP-Australia could win the overall title and the Wave and Slalom category. Starboard and Fanatic followed on the podium. In the sails ranking Neilpryde took the overall victory in front of NorthSails and Gaastra. All in all 11 boardbrands and 12 sailbrands made it into the final ranking. We had a closer look on the rankings and try to explain, how the mode is working and the points get distributed.

The winning JP-Australia team 2010 (Pic: JP-Australia).

For the 2010 season the PWA changed the system a bit in how to find out the constructors winners by the end of the season. The PWA Constructors Championship is based on the results from PWA events in Wave, Slalom and Freestyle. The system awards points after each event for the top 8 places in the men and top 4 places in the women category, but only for the best two sailors of one brand. If one brand has 6 people ranked in the top 8, only the best 2 will get points. For some reason we do not know, the women get only half of the points of the men. The reason could be the smaller fleet, but out of our view it reduces the value of women as well, because they can not collect as many points as the men for their sponsors. For brands, who see the constructors ranking as an important marketing tool, the women are then not so important to sponsor.


By the end of the season these points from each brand, each discipline and each event get summed up. The outcome are the rankings for Slalom, Freestyle and Wave for each of the brands (sails and boards) with absolute points.

Here for example is the result of the Slalom Board Brands:

The results of each of the disciplines (sails and boards) you find at the end of the article and on the website of the PWA here.


For the overall constructors ranking the PWA does not sum up the absolute points, but adds a new number to the absolute points. See the grafic below.

The Slalom Board Brands, including the points for the overall ranking:

Each category winner gets 0.7 points, the second 2.0 points and the third one 3.0 points,… These are the same points, like the riders get, for a single elimination victory or a victory in one slalom elimination. The absolute points are not counting anymore. The reason is: The PWA does not want to favour disciplines, which is easy to understand. Like this, it does not matter, if there are more events of a particular discipline.

But let´s still have a look on a hypothetic summation of the absolute points of the boardbrands: Starboard (139 points),  JP (101.5 points), Fanatic (67 points), F2 (38.5 points), Tabou (29 points), RRD (26 points), Patrik (25.5 points), Naish (12 points), Exocet (1.5 points), Mistral and Angulo with 0 points. Although Mistral and Angulo did not get one single point, they are still in the overall ranking on the last two places, because they are PWA members.

Same game with the sailbrands: Neil Pryde (106.5 points), NorthSails (97.5 points), Gaastra (96 points), Severnesails (63 points), Mauisails (24 points), Simmerssails (16.5 points), Loftsails (13 points), Naish (8 points), Vandal (8 points), Gunsails (6.5 points), HotSailsMaui (2.5 points) and KaSails (0 points).

The PWA board constructors ranking 2010 (Source: PWAworldtour 2010).

JP is the winner this year, took 2 times a 0.7 for the first places in the Slalom and Wave categories plus a 4.0 for the 4th place in the freesstyle category. With 5.4 points overall JP-Australia took the title followed by the last year´s winner Starboard with 5.7 points and Fanatic with 11.0 points.

The PWA sails constructors ranking 2010 (Source: PWAworldtour 2010).

Neilprye the winner of the sail category won two categories, the Wave and Slalom category. North could make good points in all three categories and got second. Gaastra could get on the third place by making good points in the Freestyle category.

Here are the results of each of the disciplines (sails and boards):

Overview PWA constructor rankings (Source: PWA)