The PWA decided to make a few changes to the system of the constructors ranking for 2011. The new system is designed to give more recognition to the achievements of female sailors and to create more value in those female sailors to those brands who support them.


Point System

Firstly, a new points breakdown will be introduced to extend points awarded, to sailors in the top 16 for men, and the top 8 for women. For 2011, points allocated shall be as follows.


Points to count

In each discipline, at each event, each brand will count the following points towards the ranking.

  1. The points of the highest scoring male sailor
  2. The points of the highest scoring female sailor
  3. The points of the next highest scoring sailor whether male or female.


This will give a total of 3 scores which will be added together to calculate the brands’ score in that discipline, at that event. In the case that a brand has only male, or only female sailors scoring points in a discipline, then they will only count a maximum of 2 scores.

The points in each discipline, from each event shall be added together, to create a board manufacturers ranking list and a sail manufacturers ranking list for each discipline.

The discipline ranking lists shall then be combined equally to create Overall Champions in each of the Board and Sail manufacturers divisions.