A report directly from the PWA event Aruba from the second day of racing by the Australian competitor Jesper Orth.


Jesper Orth
Nationality: Denmark
Sailnumber: AUS-10
Sponsors: RRD, KA Sails, Vector Fins, Aeron booms and CTM masts
Sailrepair WA – Jesper Orth

A Total of 4 rounds is now completed. The top positions fight for now seems to be between Björn, Antoine, Ben van der Steen, Finian Maynard for now, but with a few more races and discards anything can happens.

Watching from the beach you can follow some great action. In the main tent there is live commentating, that make the experience even better.
Some of the most impressive things I saw today was when Björn (think it was the quarter final), coming from dead last after first mark and most people was sure he would not advance to the next round. Slowly and steady with his amazing speed he gained and passed sailor after sailor, but most impressive was probably his quick aggressive jibes that in the end helped him advance.

Antoine Albeau and Björn Dunkerbeck head to head - Pic: PWA/John Carter

Some top sailors can’t quite find their normal “groove” and I would expect to see some “all or nothing” sailing from those guys today, in order to get some top results.
For the women
Lena Erdil (TUR 33) won a slalom final today and is eyeing out a possible podium finish if she can keep the momentum. But the points are quite close between top 5 girls. Sarah Quita (ARU 91) won the last final of the day and is defiantly challenging for a podium finish as well. Valerie (FRA 444) is currently in 6th place, but she could also have a strong come back? Fanny Aubet currently in a 3rd position and Alice Arutkin, both from France in the is defiantly also in with a say in the top 5. Will Karin Jaggi keep her cool in her current 1st position?
Some other mentions is going to James Dinsmore GBR 659, who qualified in the quarter final and made it to the semi-finals. 15’th position in the end was a great result for him.
Organization is great on Aruba. There is a little floating platform near the start line and here you can get some ice cold water in between heats. Many sailors have a caddy standing the same place, with a 2nd setup ready to go, if the wind should suddenly drop / or pick up.

Some cool water in between the heats - Pic: PWA/John Carter

Tip of the day: Make sure to apply some sunscreen from home. The best way is to only use a few finger tips on one hand to put it on. The last thing you need is slippery sunscreen from your hands getting onto your boom. If you should have too much sunscreen on your hands before sailing, then take some sand and scrub the hands hard together.
Fact of the day: If you jump in the outside Jacuzzi at nearby Marriott Hotel without a valid armband, (that states you are a paying guest) then it takes approximately 2 minutes to get caught and thrown out (Sean O’brian and Kurosh Kiani).
PS: Everything is down to the second or meter in the slalom. You got to be 100% in focus at all the time. One little hesitation in the start and next thing is 7 other sailors on top of you. Jibe a little conservative and wide and you can be sure somebody will slam hard on the inside. Sail every heat as it was the final.
C7- Jesper