Day 2 saw two more eliminations in the ladies and men fleet despite very light wind conditions. Björn Dunkerbeck took two more victories and extended his lead. Karin Jaggi had a strong day winning as well two eliminations and took the lead after the first three races.

Racing action on day 2


In the morning hours the wind was  very light at the bay of Alacati and it took until 14.00, that the first heats could be started.  The wind was still light and definitely on the windlimit. So, many races had to be cancelled and re-sailed. Overall it took more than 2 hours to finish the second elimination.

Race 2

Björn Dunkerbeck definitely wants to win here at Alacti and secure his slalom worldtitle. He dominated the final of the second elimination, followed by light wind expert Alberto Menegatti, Steve Allen and Antoine Questel. Antoine Albeau did not make it into the winners final in elimination 2 due to a crash in the quarter final.

 In the ladies elimination 2 was dominated by Karin Jaggi in front of Turkish sailor Lena Erdil, who took again a second position. Fanny Aubet came in third.

Gonzalo Costa Hoeval seems not to be very happy with the conditions


At 16.30, the light breeze has picked up a bit to 9 to 15 knots and the racedirector Juan Aragon started elimination 3.  We saw a similar situation in this third round. Karin Jaggi dominated the ladies fleet, winning this time in front of Valerie Arrighetti and Alice Arutkin. Jaggi has now a solid lead. In second Lena Erdil from Bodrum and in third Sarah-Quita Offringa, who fights for the worldtitle in the racing discipline.




In the third men´s elimination Björn Dunkerbeck took the next victory. He had the lead already on the first leg and won meter by meter. In second followed a very consistent sailing Finian Maynard and in third came Ben van der Steen. These three riders are in the same order in the current event ranking. Albeau missd the winners final again, what means that it will be very hard for him to fight back on top of the ranking. But there are 4 more days to go and many unexpected things can happen.






Tomorrow the skippersmeeting is scheduled for 11.00 with a first possible start at 11.30. Relatively light wind is forecasted again.


Provisional result


  1. Björn Dunkerbeck
  2. Finian Maynard
  3. Ben van der Steen

full result



  1. Karin Jaggi
  2. Lena Erdil
  3. Sarah-Quita Offringa

full result