Ben Proffitt has one goal, landing a perfect double Forward at Western Australia during his stay in 2013/2014. The best spot to train crazy jumps is without any doubt Coronation. Ben landed a few clean ones, but not good enough to cut off his massive beard, which grew in the meanwhile. He as well had some massive back problems and needed to step off the gas a bit. Justyna Sniady, his girlfriend is on form and lands perfect Forwards and clean Backloops.


They both definitely enjoy Western Australia during this summer season and share the waves with locals like Jaeger Stone or some German dudes, who take a lot of risk on the water.


“I know, I know it’s taken a while but I’ve finally put one together.. firstly I would like to apologise for the wind noise! I had to use the camera mic and didn’t check how bad the wind was affecting it! (new mic on order)
Anyway.. great action from Jaeger Stone :), Justyna shows off a few moves, ze Germans living it up in a mobile Meth Lab breaking bad style, mad Martins trys to kill himself, Steff cuts his foot off, A Spider bites Lucas’s Eggs!!! and 10 year old Connor goes for his first forwards.” Ben Proffitt’s description on his current training diary

It’s really funny stuff what Ben presents in this episode. But he as well shows, what great teachers Ben and Justyna are. They tought a few guys the Forward and the results were formidable. Lean back and listen to Ben’s tales. Great story teller, great coach, world class windsurfer!