The last Pozo diary 2014 from Pozo Izquierdo is ready and out. It’s a kind of a event preview. Ben talked more than 14 minutes about the latest highlights just before the start of the competition.


“Here it is the final (maybe) Pozo training diary for 2014.. but don’t worry this one is packed with action..

It has massive stalled doubles, near misses, the big shaka crash competition between little Antoine and Pons, push forwards, catapults, a look at the girlies here in Pozo and the ‘Doppstadt Shredder of the week’ plus loads more… stop reading and get watching. 

Part 4 kind of overran so this follows on from that… if you haven’t seen part 4 watch that first! :)” Ben Proffitt


Don’t miss Philip Köster’s action. It starts at 8:29.



Ben Proffitt's 5th diary from Pozo