This instructional Windsurf DVD ist for beginners and intermediate windsurfers and teaches the basics of windsurfing in German and English language.

From the absolute beginner, up to the first jibes and easy jumps. 50 maneuvers are thought in detail with a new teaching method.
This DVD has the complete VDWS beginner course on it and gives you a tool to autodidactic teach yourself the sport of windsurfing.


Statement Robby Naish:
“Windsurfing has developed a lot in the last 2 decades. With modern Equipment it’s super easy to learn, and on any little lake or peace of coastline around the world you see people learning windsurf it in minutes and hours not in days. Anyone can do it, it doesn’t matter how old you are, man, women or child and it’s amazing fun on any level. Around the world you can find VDWS Windsurf Centers and there you can learn everything from basics to advanced manoeuvres. This Powerlearning DVD will take you from your successful VDWS Beginner Course and bring you into the world of foot straps, planning, power jibing and even basic freestyle manoeuvres. So get your copy, enjoy and I see you on the water soon! “


Running time: 134 Minutes
Language: German, English
DVD Format: SD, PAL, 0 – Code Free
Release date: 2009
Producer: Tonix Pictures

Watch the trailer here:

List of Manoeuvres:


Start Up´s
Rig and board games
take off

First Steps
Inner balance
Hook in harness
Beach start

Waterstart positions
Planning in footstraps
Speed IQ
Power tack
Carving jibe

Duck jibe
Race jibe
Carving 360
Helicopter tack
Backwind jibe
Chop hop
Forward loop

Push tack
Air jibe