Kiteboarding Progression – Intermediate Vol. 1 DVD

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The “Progression” DVD series is the ultimate kitesurfing instructional series.

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The “Progression” DVD series is the ultimate kitesurfing instructional series.

Kiteboarding Progession – Intermediate Vol.1 is a complete video based learning resource that aims to help all those kitesurfers who have mastered the basics but now want to make the most of their time on the water. This DVD contains over 2 hours in depth content and analysis, covering everything you need to start to kite in a range of conditions, attempt your first tricks & understand hot to tune your equipment.



  • Light winds: Improve your technique & understand some theory, make the most out of lightwinds
  • Strong winds: Tips for surviving & enjoying kiting when it really starts to blow
  • Coping with waves: Riding in waves can be intimidating, so learn how to get out through the breakers
  • Toeside Riding: Learn how to slide round to toeside, then adapt your stance for a more stylish ride
  • Carving Turns: Get the grips with the smooth and powerful art of carving turns
  • Jumping: Starting small, then aiming for more airtime, this is the definitive guide to jumping
  • Tuning: Get the most form your kit and understand how to tune your kite, bar & lines

Running time: 135 minutes
Color: PAL
Language: English



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