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Cabeibusha Book & Movie combo!!!

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Book & Movie Combo

“Cabeibusha – the curly gem” is a book and film portrait by broken bloke Production featuring Sarah-Quita Offringa, 9 times Windsurfing Worldchampion from Aruba.

Cabeibusha Trailer

Cabeibusha – the curly gem from broken bloke Production on Vimeo.



“Cabeibusha – the Curly Gem” is a film portrait about Sarah-Quita Offringa produced by the German filmmaker Julian Robinet. Together they travelled halfway around the globe. They set out in search of the highest waves in Australia, visited Aruba, the home of Sarah-Quita, explored unknown territories in Iceland and travelled to Europe to document Sarah-Quita’s fight for the world championship title.

The movie shows a warmhearted and strong woman and affords an insight into the life of Sarah-Quita Offringa. She quickly becomes everybody’s darling because of her Caribbean serenity and her sunny nature.

However, the movie also shows the windsurfer in quiet moments lost in own thoughts, where being alone can mean pleasure or burden. Moments in which life between competitions, training, travelling, stress and loneliness challenges, but for Sarah-Quita it is the only right way.


Julian Robinet (broken bloke Production): “In this documentary we follow Sarah-Quita on her travels in 2015. We’ll follow her as she ventures out into the world exploring new destinations and meeting new people. We’ll also see how she prepares for the upcoming competition season as well as how she is coming along competing in all three disciplines on tour. This will be the first time to have a female protagonist in a windsurfing movie. Furthermore in this documentary instead of focusing on pure windsurfing action, we rather shed light on the lifestyle of a professional windsurfer. Which typically involves travelling the world, training, finding new spots and coming in contact with new cultures.” 



Along with the release of the movie, broken bloke Production publishes an illustrated limited edition photo book, which includes 84 pages of beautiful pictures from all locations and additional stories written by Sarah-Quita Offringa. The book contains the USB key with the full movie on it. The book comes with a 300gr softcover, in 30,5cm x 23,5 cm with 150g high quality paper.



Sarah-Quita Offringa: “Julian Robinet and I talked about doing something together almost 2 years ago. Now after 8 months working together, Julian is finalizing the project. I never imagined so much time and effort would go into making such a movie. I’ve done a couple of photoshoots here and there. Smiling and taking pictures for the camera is not a problem for me. It’s a snapshot in time. You’re allowed to crash. Filming is a whole other ballgame though. Going as big as possible and landing your moves becomes more important.
Then, put Julian behind the camera, and things become interesting. Working with somebody that strictly strives for perfection was a real challenge for me. Julian is an artist and thinks really big. It took me some time to get used to that. Seeing the images now I understand his mentality and what he was working towards too. All in all I just had to windsurf. He was the mastermind behind everything else. Filming, choosing the locations, getting the right angles etc. So I’m only grateful I could work with him.
For this movie we aimed to show the lifestyle of a windsurfer. Explore Australia and Iceland with us. See what my homespot Aruba looks like, and find out what the PWA tour life is like. Yes we wanted to have great action but thought the storyline was also important. We’ve had so much input and help from everyone at the places we’ve been too. I just wanted to thank them all for the willingness to help us out until now!”