Justin Denel, the Youth Wave Worldchampion in 2011, again travelled to the Canaries to improve his high wind skills at POzo Izquierdo. He decided not to compete in the PWA worldcup in 2012, but to prepare very well for the next years competition at the high wind spot. His training worked out great until the moment he crashed really hard during a stalled Forward Loop. He broke a finger on the left hand. That means 6 weeks windsurfing break. You can watch the crash in his “Pozo High Tech” video.

Justin improved again, landed his first frontside Wave 360, nailed nice clean Backloops, had several excellent double Forwards, clean Goiters, waverides, Backside Aerials. A really impressive level for the age of 16! Keep on ripping Justin!!


The clips got filmed by Annabelle Paternoga & Justin Denel from Lion Productions.