Miguel Chapuis and Max Hochgrassl scored some great conditions during a short trip to Pozo in October. Leo, the brother of Max, captured all the footage and edited a great video. Now “POZO EXPRESS” is ready to watch with a nice mix of action and lifestyle shots. Both windsurfers rotate through perfect double Forwards, stall big Forwards, tweak Push loops, hit lips or crash in 45+ knots.

Local Marino Gil Gherardi has a few seconds in the video, too and lands an incredible Push Forward. The young men are pushing their levels to the max. Marino is 19 years of age and Miguel is 20. They have an incredible passion and motivation for wave sailing and practice the real big moves, which will count a lot on the score sheets when the green flag will go up in 2022 again. 2020 and 2021 were tough years for the professional wave windsurfing scene with almost no events due to the global Corona pandemic. Good luck to Miguel, Max, Marino and all wave riders in 2022!

This video shows the sessions and the lifestyle we had during our short trip to Pozo in October, through the lens and work of our filmer Leo Hochgrassl. This is the 4th video that we share together and it really motivates and make us happy to work on this kind of content, so we truly hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Thanks to everyone who supports and believes in us and we are looking forward to a good winter of wind and waves. Miguel Chapuis

POZO EXPRESS featuring Miguel Chapuis, Max Hochgrassl & Marino Gil Gherardi – Video

Produced by Leo Hochgrassl