PLAN T – is the plan to travel, the plan of Thomas Traversa
Follow Thomas Traversa on a journey through New-Zealand, Cape-Verde, Iceland, Maui, Sardinia and France. A journey that ultimately led him to the 2014 windsurfing wave world title, or why we travel and end up in places where we were not supposed to be.
Gilles Calvet, travel photographer and a pioneer in producing stories for windsurfing print magazines, shares some thoughts on travelling. Gilles took Thomas on a windsurf trip to Indonesia back in 2002, followed by many trips around the planet, which somewhat influenced the rest of his life.

Featuring: Thomas Traversa, Jules Denel, JB Caste, Justin Denel, Sarah Hauser(music), Gilles Calvet(narration)
Movie by double4productions


PLAN T – a windsurfing movie about travels and improvisation