Pierre Garambois is a full-blooded freestyle windsurfer. He doesn’t care about competitions or results. He loves to travel, to live windsurfing, to enjoy the lifestyle and to return with nice video footage from his trips, which shows a bit more than just windsurfing. Most of the time he travels with Alexandra, who captures brilliant action as she windsurfs, too and knows all the movements and moves. This winter is a tough one for French freestyle windsurfer Pierre Garambois:

“I made it to my physiotherapist 4 times a week… After 2 ankle surgeries in November 2018 I’m slowly getting my sensations back, and I should be back on the water within a month. I hope I’ll be 100% fit before next summer.”

Pierre focused on other things, edited a few videos and sent us his latest one about his last summer trip. It shows very smooth moves and the edit is smooth, too.

“The good thing is that I had time to edit some videos and one of them is my Fuerteventura summer clip called “Yet another Fuerte movie”… I was looking for a nice name, maybe something funny and I just realized everything have been chosen yet for Fuerte! The movie sums up 18 days on the island with Alexandra, made of cool sessions and nice hikes. The wind conditions were not as usual, fickle wind and big clouds at Sotavento on some days… But Fuerte is that kind of place: even a bad summer ends up delivering more than 50% days with good sessions on the water. In the end the good thing is that we had time to discover the island from another angle. We had a lot of different hikes in the mountains, around “Pico de la Zarza”, the highest summit on the island or around Betancuria for example. Usually we were too busy with windsurfing to take a few days off for hiking.” 

“Yet another Fuerte movie” – a summer windsurfing freestyle film produced by Alexandra & Pierre