Young talented wave sailor Philippe Mesmeur (22) was riding nice wave conditions at Le Dossen, Santec city, Brittany when storm Hercules pushed big waves towards the Atlantic coast of France in January. Philippe grabbed some of the biggest sets and was riding them plus nailed massive Back Loops and clean tweaked Push Loops. And he switched between a 3 and 4 batten wave sail! The 3 batten sail was a 3.4m and the 4 batten sails were 4.2m and 4.8 m.

Respect Philippe, that’s big action! A thanks goes to his parents and Fanny Aubet, who filmed the action and helped Philippe to produce a video with that length. Additionally he filmed himself with a mast mount cam some cool extra footage. You can imagine how hard he crashed several times. After the storm was gone Philippe had a great session on his SUP.


Philippe Mesmeur in huge waves at Le Dossen, Santec city, Brittany