Philip Köster trains at Pozo Izquierdo and made it into the top 10 of the ZDF award


The guys from Cutre Shop filmed Philip Köster sailing at Pozo Izquierdo on 14th of December. The conditions are quite nice at the moment on Gran Canaria. Philip delivered insane moves. Plus he packed some extra style inside: tweaked wave Grubbies, extreme arched Backloops or excellent timed Backside Wave 360ties. And Philip is riding a true wave of success right now. In the ZDF online voting for the sportsman of the year award he made it in 10th position, what´s great. NBA star Dirk Nowitzki got awarded with the first place followed by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Big congrats to Philip making it in the top 10!! Have a look on the top 10 of the ZDF sportsmen of 2011 here. Just scroll down a bit to see the ranking of the top 10.