It’s official and finally confirmed. Philip Köster will be sailing with Severne sails. And there are a few more changes in the Severne Sails wave team, which confirm some rumours. Dany Bruch, event organizer of the Cabezo PWA Wave Worldcup and finalist of the Red Bull Storm Chase will not be in the 2014 Severne team anymore. The second addition is the 17 year-old Moritz Mauch (G-103) from Gran Canaria, who leaves North Sails. He had his biggest career win during the 2013 Klitmöller Cold Hawaii, where he made it through the first round defeating Dany Bruch. Moritz is well known for his surfing oriented windsurfing style.


Severne Sails Marketing: “We’re stoked to announce Philip Köster is signing up for the SEVERNE team for 014.  Philip has redefined modern windsurfing and we’re really looking forward to what he’s going to be able to do with lighter, better gear.  He’s already been out in Western Australia trying the sails a week ago and talking ideas with sail designer, Ben Severne. The future is looking red hot. Philip will head up an elite wave team with Scott McKercher, Jaeger Stone, Boujmaa and the Moreno Twins to help us push the boundaries of wave sail development. Another addition to the team is Moritz Mauch, who’ll fit in quite well with his love of wave riding. 


Philip Köster tested the latest Blades at Gnaraloo, Western Australia

Philip Köster tested the latest Blades at Gnaraloo, Western Australia



Severne Team Wave 014:

Scott McKercher

Jaeger Stone

Philip Köster (new 2014)

Boujmaa Guillol

Daida Moreno

Iballa Moreno

Moritz Mauch (new 2014)