Philip Köster won all wave events he has entered this season. His last victory was at the Supremesurf Big Days. Last Sunday Philip extra flew from sunny Gran Canaria to stormy cold Germany, to compete at Ahrenshoop in 40 to 50 knots of wind and freezing cold temperatures. We asked Philip a bit more details about the event on the Baltic Sea. Read more!


Philip at the Supreme Big Days 2011 (Pic: Markus Adrian).

C7: Are you back in Vargas on Gran Canaria again?

Philip Köster: Yes, I’m back in Vargas. There is not so much wind right now, but we have some good waves for surfing or SUP.


C7: How does it feel to win also the Supreme Big Days?

Philip Köster: It feels great to win an event that is a stand by event. The organisers had to wait for the best conditions. So it´s a special win for me.


Always ready for the next heat (Pic: Timo Roth).

C7: How many heats did you sail and which one was your hardest?

Philip Köster: I sailed 5 heats and the hardest heat was the final against Lars Gobisch. It was super hard, because it was freezing cold and after a couple of heats your body is super cold and it´s so difficult to sail.


C7: Got it colder and colder while the day (guess you did not use boots, gloves or a hat)?

Philip Köster:  Yes, it got colder and colder! I brought boots, gloves and a hat, but I didnt use them, because I’m not used to sail with them. Finally it worked well without and I won the event, but I think the best thing of the event was, that they’ve had a sauna right on the beach, just for the sailors to get warm after their heats.


C7: How strong was the wind and which gear did you use?

Philip Köster:  The wind was very strong, up to 50 knots and I used 4.2 and 81 liters in the first heats and in the last 2 heats I used 3.7 and 76 liter, even a bit overpowered.


Backside action like on the Canaries, powered up with 3,7 (Pic: Markus Adrian).


C7: Delivered the spot at the Baltic sea, Ahrenshoop, conditions like in the worldcup or even better?

Philip Köster: Ahrenshoop is a good place to sail. It´s not as good as the conditions of the worldcup, but still very good. I think it has its days. The wind was side, side onshore 50 knots. So nothing to complain about. But the waves were very small,

but all in all it was a great competition.


C7: How important was this victory for you?

Philip Köster: When I compete in an event, I wanna win!


C7: This was your first event as a world champion. How did this feel?

Philip Köster: I did not feel different and the other windsurfers treated me as always the same way,very friendly. I felt welcome as a windsurfer, who wants to compete in a cool event. It´s the third time I am in Germany for the big days , as world champ or newcomer , it´s always amazing.


Philip starts to rotate into a double Forward (Pic. Markus Adrian)


C7: Did you feel more pressure due to the fact that your are the Champion now or does this give you “extra wings”?

Philip Köster: I don’t feel more pressure. I still sail how I want and where I want. I enjoy it so much that I forget everything that happens out of the water.


C7: If you would compare the level of German waveriding compared to last year or two years ago: has the level increased?

Philip Köster: Yes, the level increased a lot. I saw some really good jumps and waverides from some of them. I was impressed!


Lars Gobisch, Philip´s hardest opponent at the Big Days 2011 (Pic: Markus Adrian).


C7: What your plans for the upcoming months now?

Philip Köster:  I think I will go somewhere to train a bit more starboardtack jumping and waveriding.


Thanks a lot Philip for the cool and quick statements. Good luck with your upcoming trips and see you on the water!


© 2011, Philip Köster