Peter Volwater (38) sent some words about his change from Fanatic/Avanti to Starboard/KA Sails. Peter, who is an extremely versatile sailor and who can do very well in several disciplines, has been on the professional windsurfing tour for 17 years. Actually his best discipline is the Slalom and he will prepare well for the intense World Cup season with 9 Slaloms on the calendar.



Read Peter Volwater’s full statement plus a few lines from the industry (Svein Rasmussen and Pieter Weitenberg):


Peter Volwater: “Since January the 1st I have been using the combination Starboard and KA Sail for “Kicking Ass”, Sonntag fins and Aeron booms and I am happy to announce they are my sponsors. I will continue to pursue my ambition to win PWA races and also to defend the Dutch National title in 2014. The new boards and sails attracted my interest by design, following test results and GPS data are looking promising. 

In Lancelin at the LOC 2014 I already finished in 3rd place with a solid comeback, which report can be seen in my blog.

The first major PWA racing event will be held end of March 2014 in Isla Margarita. I’m training and preparing for the PWA season here in Margaret River Western Australia at the moment. Having fun in windsurfing comes on the 1st place and after all these years I still love to ride, as much as when I started. Equipment plays an important role, so I simply feel the need to have the best equipment.

For years Starboards have been the boards to beat; so they say “if you can’t beat them, join ‘em!”

Svein Rasmussen / Starboard International: “Nice work, let’s aim right towards the top, you know you belong there.”


KA Sail is a great match, I’m super excited about the performance of the sails and I believe that they will be competitive with the top brands in the market like Neil Pryde and Severne. Off course, the outstanding speeds at Sandy point by Andrew Daff, Craig Spottiswood and Tony Wynhoven have not gone unnoticed.

Being much of a speed addict I see big potential in the KA Race and Koncept . Martin, Peter, Andrew and Jesper have done an amazing job with the design; the aspect ratio, luff curves, profiles and batten angles with engineered full carbon battens provide a frame work ready to rock.


Peter Volwater with a big Aerial off the lip


I’ve now been given a great opportunity to go for it and to show that I have what it takes to be at the top. KA is an Aussie sail brand and has been around for a very long time, with strong roots and a base in both Australia and the Netherlands, where I already spend a lot of my time. There is a nice and positive vibe within the team, so the perfect time to step on board and build on the momentum.

While the focus is on the long term, I’ll do my best to help improve the sails even further and will work closely together with the international team. I appreciate the years of development work done by a team of passionate people and will take full advantage of the structure that is in place. I’m happy to join the KA worldwide team!

Off course I would also like to thank Fanatic, Pro Limit and Avanti for their contribution and support over the years, which was a nice learning experience.”


“Speaking for KA Sail, we would like to express that we are extremely happy to have a top rider like Peter Volwater showing an interest in our brand and honored to have him join our team now. For us it is a great sign of acknowledgement that Peter sees the same potential in our products as we do and always have, and we are convinced that with Peter on the team we can also take an important next step in the further development and expansion of KA Sail worldwide.

With Peter spending a lot of time on the water in both the Netherlands and Australia, he is the perfect guy for us, testing the equipment in various different circumstances which for us is most important to set the standard for our products and guarantee the best quality and performance.

We are looking forward to this coming season and we are pretty confident that Peter will have a really good year. See you all out there!” KA Sail, Peter Weitenberg