The German windsurfer Valentin Böckler released a great film shot at various spots in Brazil featuring some of the world’s best windsurfers. Unfortunately Valentin broke three metatarsal bones in Brazil and has to pause for the upcoming six months. And Julian Wiemar, one of the protagonists of the clip, was unlucky as well as he broke two metacarpal bones during an Air Kabikuchi crash. He will be back on the water in January.

Valentin: “I was shooting one month some of the best windsurfers and had such a good but a bit unlucky time, because I injured my foot again. However I managed to create a really nice movie with some amazing shots out of 400GB footage. It’s a big mix of nature, lifestyle and action shots!”

Spots: Jericoacoara, Camocim, Maceio, Jijoca

Windsurfers:  Julian Wiemar, Jeremy Plüss, Kevin Langbehn, Loïck Spicher, Amado Vrieswijk, Hugo de Sousa, Gollito Estredo, Nico Akgazciyan, Davy Scheffers, Edvan Souza, Julien Mas, Mattia Fabrizi, Giovanni Passani, Valentin Böckler


Passion for Nature by Valentin Böckler

Brazil Windsurfing Passion for Nature by Valentin Böckler

Brazil Windsurfing Passion for Nature by Valentin Böckler

CAMERA Valentin Böckler, Jeremy Plüss
AERIAL CAMERA Julian Robinet, Valentin Böckler
PRODUCED & EDITED Valentin Böckler
MUSIC Amaksi – Inspiration, Faded Paper Figures – Relatively, Harper Blynn – I Think I’m Falling In Love