The Italian wave and freestyle windsurfer Paolo Biondani travelled to Gran Canaria and returned with super radical action on his hard drive. And he didn’t care about a knee injury and his age of 53. He really hit the ramps with full power. Well done Paolo!!!

Hi everyone, here’s my latest video of our journey to Gran Canaria. Maria Carla filmed and took care of me a lot after I injured my left knee during a session on the 4th day. So I could sail just after 2 days again of break using also a knee brace. For me it’s a big result because my medial collateral ligament was injured, but I could sail the same!!! I’m 53 years now. So it is an example that our body and our mind can keep younger if we want it!! Paolo Biondani

Paolo Biondani in Pozo Izquierdo 2021 – Video