At the moment the American Windsurfing Tour is based in the town of Pacasmayo in Peru. The town is known for one of the longest left-handers in the world. July and August are the two best months with the highest swell size and 80% consistency of swells to arrive. 8 years ago, we were one of the first European windsurfers to discover the  whole coast of Peru and of course, we also visited Pacasmayo.

Read an extract from our story about Peru: Pacasmayo – Colonial architecture dominates the surrounding of the harbor…. We follow the road to the lighthouse which marks the spot El Faro. The wind is blowing side offshore at fifteen knots and a left handed break is lined up as if set up with a ruler, but not very big. A few days later our dreams are fulfilled, over twenty turns on one wave. On the following days we lose no thoughts if there are any better waves, or new places to discover up north. Instead we push hard for our next bottom …(Chris Pressler, 2004)