In spring this year Jamie Hancock travelled with Ross Williams, Jack Hunt and Timo Mullen to the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

Jamie Hancock: “We camped, it was cold, and the sailing was tricky. The swell was too big for the bay forecasting 22 -25 foot, providing some pretty gnarly rips and closeout sets. We also had nobody to film so amongst the sleeping bags and campfires I did my best to get the camera out and capture most of the trip. Fortunately Jack filmed me on the final day for 30 minutes or so which luckily turned out to be the best 30 minutes of the trip. The surreal part of the trip was when the BBC came to interview us for BBC Scotland. We had just come in from sailing as the wind had unfortunately dropped. Then on the journey home in the lounge of the Ferry it went out live on the TV. We were temporarily mega stars! (in the lounge on the Calmac ferry).”


Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams, Jack Hunt & Timo Mullen on the Isle of Lewis, Scottish Outer Hebrides

Filmed: Jamie Hancock, Jack Hunt
Edited: Jamie Hancock