Storm windfoiling looks pretty futuristic, especially in this new video by Horue. The video reached 10.000 views within 3 days and we have to admit watching Philippe Caneri speeding over the water reminds us a bit to James Bond movies.

When we saw the first foil on a windsurfing board it looked like a mix of windsurfing and sailing and was made for light wind conditions. Now we see a foil in 50knots conditions and it seems to work quite ok. But what are the advantages to use a 70l board with a 2 square meter sail and a foil over a classic windsurfing equipment? Why would you carry one more extra bulky piece to the beach? Will we see many windsurfers usings foils? Or is foiling just a new trend with an expiration date? Is foiling windsurfing or just another new sport?

We would like to know, what you think about foil windsurfing? Write your opinion in the comments section below and/or place your vote in our little poll.