There were some great conditions at the OnkWave at Hoek van Holland. Now the official after-movie of the ONKWave is ready to watch.

OnkWave organizer says: “We look back on a year of great conditions over all. Unfortunately not enough to have the multiple events we hoped for, but a couple of great storms none the less! This year goes into the books with a great day at Hoek van Holland with big jumps and nice waves. The recap video shows what Dutch wavesailing is all about. Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this event and we hope to see you all on the water next year! We have some great things in store… Stay tuned!”

ONKWave – Hoek van Holland 2017.


Result OnkWave 2017

1. Kevin Mevissen
2. Martin ten Hoeve
3. Collin Ansing

1. Maaike Huvermann
2. Josine Schmitz
3. Eva Oude Ophuis