Bernd Roediger (20) is one of the hot shots at Ho’okipa, when the surf is up. He is well known for his low waist harness, which dangles around his slim hip. And it doesn’t matter if he is on the windsurfing gear or on a SUP. He got style. TheMaui resident now released a 56 minutes long film about his fantastic year riding under the flag of Naish. He put all his videos together in “Dreams to memories”. Videos from Hawaii, China, US mainland, Italy…The journey starts on Maui and ends in Maui, where Bernd is going to compete in the 2016 Aloha Classic.

(e.n. Bernd already claimed the podium once in the Aloha Classic. He finished in 2nd in 2013.)

Bernd Roediger: “Everyone dreams, and everyone has memories. Some dream of glory, or wisdom, palaces of gold. I dream of the places I’ve never been. To chart the future and weave unknowns into memories as they slip wistfully by! I didn’t know what the future held a year ago, when I had gotten my Naish gear, with the Aloha Classic looming just a few days away. Everything was so new, so uncertain. But now, a year later, this same day, it’s all a memory. And what sweet memories my dreams have become! I have to thank Robby Naish and Michi Schweiger for an incredible year on the team! This is over 56 minutes of footage, a year’s worth of world traveling. All my videos in one place, everything I’ve seen and done from China to Italy! I have Naish to thank for supporting me on this adventure! Enjoy!”


Bernd Roediger’s one year journey all around the world