Victor Fernandez, Adam Lewis and the latest addition to the Fanatic/Duotone wave windsurfing pro team Marc Paré met in Pozo Izquierdo to prepare for the summer events on the Canaries. The wave windsurfing conditions were great and they got the chance to test their latest prototypes. Just have a detailed look at some of the new gear when watching the video.
The professional Belgian film-maker Tom Deburchgrave captured brilliant action in the side onshore conditions of Pozo Izquierdo during the third week of February 2020 and edited the action clip “OFF-SEASON”. Tom now lives on the Canary Islands and really enjoys it. “Shooting from land and especially from the water is priceless”, he said.

Victor Fernandez, Adam Lewis & Marc Paré with radical wave windsurfing action in Pozo Izquierdo from February 2020

Filmed & edited by Tom Deburchgrave