Oda Johanne (N-500) spent a lot of time on the water recently. She enjoyed the warm weather during the winter months on Bonaire. Check out her latest video from the Carribean. Oda lands rad freestyle tricks like perfect Konos, Skopus, big Shakas, switch Chacho’s, Spocks, Air Funnells, Grubbies, Spinloops and more… The only ladies World Cup will be started at Sotavento on July 24 and Oda is ready to claim the podium again in 2015 after she got third in 2014.


“I spent 3 months there on Bonaire and had wind in two of those months. In between I also flew to Hawaii. The conditions were a lot for 5.2m and 4.8m and some epic days with 4.4m, too! Thinking back at my time there I am happy to land more new moves than planned before the trip. I knew I will have less wind and training in Norway after that trip, so I had to spend my time on the water well!” Oda Johanne about her trip to Bonaire


Watch a great Freestyle clip with Norway’s top freestyler Oda Johanne