Last weekend storm “Felix” hit the coast of Northern Germany with nuclear winds and Frithjof Blaasch challenged the storm at Dazendorf and Heiligenhafen (Baltic Sea). Frithjof told us: “The video is not very long, as it was very difficult to windsurf in up to 62 knots. Dazendorf our first spot choice was unsailable, so we moved to Heiligenhafen. At Heiligenhafen we needed to wait, as it was too windy in the beginning. But it was a great experience challening “Felix” at my home spots!” 

Spots: Dazendorf, Heiligenhafen
Rider: Frithjof Blaasch
Camera: Bo Roosch

Frithjof Blaasch - © Fachschaft Brackwasser

Frithjof Blaasch – © Fachschaft Brackwasser