Kauli Seadi at Maui - Pic: NoveNove/Fish Bowl Diaries

Kauli Seadi at Maui – Pic: NoveNove/Fish Bowl Diaries

48 top-class windsurfers have registered to battle for the top places on the podium and the prestigious title in the 2015 NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic. This year the Aloha Classic is a cooperation between the American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) and the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) and will see only one pro event. This means, this event will decide upon the Champion titles as well. 
What is quite interesting is, that instead of a 32 men fleet (normally only 32 men are allowed to compete in PWA events), 48 men will compete, 24 riders allocated from the PWA and 24 riders allocated from the AWT.  The 32 men fleet rule was introduced in 2013 and will now see an exception. 

One of the biggest names missing on the entry list is Jason Polakow. We asked Jason, why he is not competing and he told us that he really wanted to compete but he is not at 100% yet, after his shoulder surgery in Februry. “I need to put more bulk around the shoulder to support it when doing radical turns like 360’s and taka’s etc… It was just not worth it and if I do hurt myself I’m set back another 7 months. I sailed Jaws yesterday and was just taking it easy. Big bottom turns and cut backs are ok out there, it’s the small wave stuff that puts way more stress on the joint,” Jason told us.


Top 2 advance to AWT Pro

Diony Guadagnino
Harley Stone
Patrick Bergeron
Dani Marti
Brian Talma
Rick Markham
Scott Wuertz

Rudy Castorina
Jay Lee
Pascal Hardy
Morgan Henderson
Guido Hageman
Paolo Bacchini

Nat Gill
Diego Femenias
Takafumi Noguchi
Andrea della Rosa
Itoh Daiki
Felipe Wedeles

Casey Rehrer
Sean Aiken
Mashiro Yoshatake
Max Schettewi
Nicola Terenzi
Hiroshi Hashimoto




Russ Faurot
Laurent Guillemin
Boujmaa Guilloul
Camille Juban
Kai Katchadourian
Kai Lenny
Ferdinando Loffreda
Robby Naish
Morgan Noireaux
Kevin Pritchard
Bernd Roediger
Jake Schettewi
Kauli Seadi
Levi Siver
Josh Stone
Keith Teboul

8 places riders qualifying from the trials:

Diony Guadagnino
Harley Stone
Rudy Castorina
Jay Lee
Takafumi Noguchi
Felipe Wedeles
Sean Aiken
Nicola Terenzi




PWA Entries

Marcilio Browne
Dany Bruch
Ricardo Campello
Jules Denel
Graham Ezzy
Victor Fernandez
Gustav Häggström
Florian Jung
Philip Köster
Antoine Martin
Moritz Mauch
Jake Miller
Bryan Metcalf Perez
Federico Morisio
Alex Mussolini
Marc Pare
Markus Rydberg
Aleix Sanllehy
John Skye
Jaeger Stone
Robby Swift
Thomas Traversa
Dieter van der Eyken
Klaas Voget


20 ladies are registered for the ladies Pro event, what’s a good amount. 7 of them are regular PWA riders.

Ladies Pro fleet:

Vickey Abbot
Nayra Alonso
Alice Arutkin
Amanda Beenen
Sam Bittner
Jessica Crisp
Shawna Cropas
Sarah Hauser
Uli Hoelzl
Tatiana Howard
Ingrid Larouche
Iballa Moreno
Daida Moreno
Waka Nishida
Sarah-Quita Offringa
Anne-Marie Reichman-Totah
Robynne Riley
Anna Rohden
Tiffany Ward
Fiona Wylde