The last four years Kauli Seadi and his friends have travelled the world in search of wind, waves and action. Many of the sessions they had were captured on film: from HD to camcorder to mobile phone. But what to do with over 400 hours of film?
Kauli Seadi: ‘We had so much footage, of good sessions, fun session, crappy sessions, even a monster session in Jaws. My friend Martin Carvalho, who was initially going to make a film out of it, got crazy with all the hours of tape, especially when his computer crashed and he had to start all over again. I didn’t know what to do, would all these hours of tape just end up in some dusty cabinet? My luck changed when Brendan Pyatt from umi decided to take care of the project. Brendan has been a good friend since he first came to my house in Brazil to do a shoot with me back in 2004 and him and his team worked their way through all these hours of tape. Now we can finally show the result, brought out in a series of seven fun clips. Since making these series was so dramatic, we decided to call it ‘Novela das 8’, which is the name of the most famous Brazilian soap opera. The subtitle ‘Vale a pena ver de novo’ means it’s worth seeing again, and is a term they use in Brazil for the best novelas, of which they would have a replay because people really liked it. Novela das 8 shows my voyage: different spots, different styles, different gear, one rider.’

Umi splitted the whole video into parts for the web. There are already three movies online (2 parts from Maui and one part from Brazil) on the Umi Website.

LINK to the movies:

With Novela das 8, umi has a premiere of a new player, by Recast Digital. This player intelligently selects from six video qualities from 450kbps to 3000kbps, spanning a range of video resolutions up to 720p HD. In real-time the player detects the available bandwidth and selects the optimal stream for the bandwidth of the user and will dynamically switch versions as needed without interrupting playback. What this means in English is that you should get the best (full screen) quality possible, so you get the best viewing experience.