Playa de Las Americas is the largest touristic resort on Tenerife and one of the most popular party destinations on the Canary Islands. It is a famous surfing spot with north west swells hitting the coast almost every day. But once in a while the north west wind creates good windsurfing conditions. So, Alex Mussolini, who lives close to El Medano hit the road, drove south and enjoyed the conditions. We love watching his smooth, fluid style. 

Alex Mussolini: “I sail often there during the winter, because the NW winds comes only during the winter storms or low pressures. I was able to sail there maybe 10 to 15 times during the winter and on this day I an used 4.2 and 4.5 sails and the 68lts Tabou da curve. It was a bit onshore so it was very light on the inside and hard to surf.”

Clip and Edit: Bartek Jankowski