NorthSails just released their latest racing weapon, the WARP F2015. It’s available in 9 different sizes. The 9.0 m sail will be available in two different versions, with an added light weight version. All 9 sizes have 7 battens with 4 cambers and require SDM masts from 400 to 490 cm.


Specs WARP F2015

Specs WARP F2015


Tester Peter Slate and the PWA Slalom pros Matteo Iachino (ITA-140) and Pierre Mortefon (FRA-14) explain the updates of the new NorthSails WARP F2015 in the following video and show how the new sails work on the water.



Due to the new three-stage SIZESPECIFIC.DESIGN all WARP F2015’s are designed to be more individual than ever before to match the specific wind conditions:

  • 6.3m and smaller are designed for maximum high-end stability and v-max, to avoid the sail from becoming unstable and moving around even in extreme gusts
  • thanks to the LUFF.LIFT.DESIGN all sizes from 7.0m and up have an increased lift to generate instant power and acceleration when sheeting in or during pumping
  • on the 8.4m and up the pre-shaping has been increased whilst the luff curve got reduced. This leads to even more low-end power and clearly more efficient pumping ability.



Also totally new is the adjustment of the POWER.CONTROL.RATIO. Starting from the competition weight of the ideal PWA Slalom Racers (90-100 kg) all WARP F2015’s have the optimum balance between maximum acceleration and optimum control when overpowered.

The secret of the perfect race sail lies in the balance of the various performance factors. Effective pump-ability and maximum acceleration are often at odds with the desire for superior speed and optimum sail control when overpowered. So far any improvement of the acceleration power has always been accompanied by a deterioration of the high-end control.

Not so with the WARP F2015. Designer Kai Hopf addresses this problem with the SIZESPECIFIC.DESIGN which individually defines all technical specifications for each sail size. This has a significant impact on the performance curve, so that the sizes up to 6.3 m2 have a different character than the sizes from 7.0 m2 or 8.4 m2 up. The sails flexibility plays a significant role, which Kai defined size by size with the help of the SIZESPECIFIC.FLEXIBILITY.

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