September 13th – 16th, 2020 

Action packed opening day sees results in all age groups in the PWA Youth Wave World Cup in Denmark

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the senior PWA World Tour stop scheduled for the 13th-19th September, 2020 was replaced by a contest for the World’s best Youths during the same dates. With the youth event in Denmark the PWA World Tour returns to the beaches and runs the international wave windsurfing event together with the local organizers from the Surfklubben NASA – Cold Hawaii. The Youth Wave World Cup is part of the Cold Hawaii Games 2020. Unfortunately not all young riders were able to make it to Denmark this time. All the young talented riders from the Canary Islands except Liam Dunkerbeck or the talents from Japan or Italy didn’t travel to the 2020 championships.

Day 1

Day one of the Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup certainly didn’t disappoint with Klitmøller delivering a full day of competition, which allowed results in every fleet. The next generation were given a stern test with the North Sea throwing up some sizeable nuggets, while fluctuating winds -20-35 knots – made things tricky at times. However, they passed that test with flying colors with every fleet putting on impressive performances. 

Day 2

The organizer ran a super session on day 2 and the judges had to look for the best turn in each category. Lina Erzen won in the girl’s category, Giulio Gasperini in the U-15 boys, Liam Dunkerbeck in U-17 boys and Simon Thule in the U-20 boys. We can expect the double eliminations in all age groups happening in the next days. The forecast is looking promising for tomorrow and Friday. The final award ceremony is scheduled for Friday afternoon, September 18th. 

Day 3 – No Wind

Day 4

The organizers ran a super session on day 4. The conditions were on and the youth riders competed in teams with pros like Marc Pare, Victor Fernandez, Arthur Arutkin and Mads Bjornaa. It was a good show & competition practice. And competing in teams takes away the pressure.

Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup

Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup competitors

Single elimination Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup 2020


Line Bang Wittrup enjoyed a great day as the young Dane was able to win two out of the three girl’s finals completed on day one, which gives her a slender lead over Lina Erzen in second place, while Maria Behrens completes the top 3. All the girls thoroughly impressed the judges with their cutbacks in particular catching the eye. It was a tough battle in between Line and Lina (4.4 vs 4.7 points)


Boys U15

The level in the U15s proved to be incredibly close with almost nothing separating the top 4 boys. In the second semifinal Anton Richter caused a big upset as he took down the local talent of Tobias Bjornaa by just half a point, leaving the local boy gutted not to make the final at his home event. The young Dane picked himself up from that disappointment though to successfully win the battle for the final place on the podium against Val Erzen, who also impressed the judges throughout the day. Having caused the upset of the day, Richter, continued to impress and deservedly won the final ahead of Italian Giulio Gasperini, who also enjoyed a solid day of competition.


Boys U17 

Last year’s U15 World Champion – Liam Dunkerbeck – and Vice-World Champion – Lennart Neubauer – set up another final together with both sailors looking in formidable form. Having looked so dangerous in the preliminaries – Dunkerbeck – continued to fire on all cylinders in the final and was able to gain the upper hand against Neubauer with his rail-to-rail fluid wave riding really standing out! The top 3 was completed by Lars Bubelach after the German was able to see off Marlon Moelner.


Boys U20

In the U20s, German Henri Kolberg was the clear standout sailor with the 19-year-old sailor being the only sailor in the fleet to land double forwards! The top 3 in the U20s was completed by Simon Thule and Malte Rahbek Oegelund.


LIVE STREAM Day 1 – NoerStick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2020 by PWA World Tour & Ben Proffitt from Windsurfing TV


Results Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup 2020

Girls (3 competitors)

1. Line Bang Wittrup
2. Lina Erzen
3. Maria Behrens


Boys U15 (9 competitors)

1. Anton Richter
2. Giulio Gasperini
3. Tobias Bjornaa
4. Val Erzen
5. Leon Richter, Hannes Gobisch
7. Peter Gobisch


Boys U17 (8 competitors)

1. Liam Dunkerbeck
2. Lennart Neubauer
3. Lars Bubelach
4. Marlon Moelner
5. Luis Igner, Maltes Igner, Noah Vinther, Valters Videnjeks


Boys U20 (6 competitors)

1. Henri Kolberg
2. Simon Thule
3. Malte Rahbeck Oegelund
4. Nick Spangenberg
5. Mads von Holten, Lasse Mummenn Brauer

Source: PWAworldtour / Chris Yates