We received crazy news from Namibia: The British speed sailing craft VESTAS SAILROCKET piloted by Australian Paul Larsen has become the worlds fastest sailing boat by attaining an average speed over the 500 meter record course of 47.4 knots.

Pic: HDarvelid/Sailrocket

Take off at top speed of 52 knots - Pic: HDarvelid/Sailrocket


On the third of December in winds averaging only 22 knots, the super efficient, purpose built craft attained peak speeds of 51.76 knots during the run down the Walvis Bay speed-strip in Namibia. The speed is enough to give the team the ‘B’ class world record and Larsen the Australian National record. Most importantly to the team it gives them the unofficial title of worlds fastest ‘boat’. This leaves only the windsurfers and kite boarders to beat.


Looks like the sailboats come closer and closer to the toptimes of the wind- and kitesurfer. They just need less wind to break the barriers.

On the second run Larsen sheeted the solid wing in hard to get full power. VESTAS SAILROCKET accelerated like never before pulling up to a speed of 52 knots before taking off from the water like an airplane at the end of the runway.


The full sequence of pics and more information can be seen on www.vestassailrocket.com