MauiSails did not renew the contracts with their international team riders. Taty Frans joined Gaastra and Micah Buzianis returned to NeilPryde. There were a few rumors on the internet about the reasons, but now, Phil McGain explained the situation in the MauiSails forum. 

Taty Frans and Micah Buzianis at the PWA season final in Noumea still on  MauiSails (Pic: PWA/Carter)

Taty Frans and Micah Buzianis still on MauiSails at the PWA season final in Noumea  (Pic: PWA/Carter)


An explanation from Phil McGain, former World Cup racer, president and product manager of MauiSails:

“Towards the end of last year, our sails production cycle was modified; from ordering and manufacturing sails on a monthly basis, we had to move to ordering and manufacturing on a quarterly basis, as requested by the factory in China. This happened at short notice, and at the worst possible moment, i.e. the time of year when our production reaches its peak. This meant that we had to place one single order for 45% of our yearly production, and therefore, we had to finance 45% of our yearly purchase of sails from the factory at one go.

Faced with this situation, we had to find some ways to restore our cash flow, through costs savings, and make some tough choices. Unfortunately and regrettably, the company was not in a position to renew the yearly sponsorship agreements of our team riders, and for now, we subcontract the sail design process on a need-to basis, under my strict guidance.

These changes are painful, but beneficial etc…...” 



About Maui Sails: MauiSails was first founded in November 1978 on Maui by Barry Spanier, establishing a shop at 111 Hana Road in December. In 2005 a new era of MauiSails started. Kevin Pritchard was on their team and won the PWA wave world title in 2006. Big names joined the team like Josh Angulo (won the PWA wave world title in 2010), Dan Ellis, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Marta Hlavaty, Gabriel Browne, Steven van Broeckhoven, Xenia Kessler, Casey Hauser, Taty Frans, Peter Volwater, Micah Buzianis or Camille Juban (AWT champion).


A look on the actual MauiSails team shows only national team riders. We hope Phil and MauiSails will see a strong comeback soon. They were definitely prepared for another great season with their team. Watch their nice 2015 MauiSails Wave & Freestyle clip: