Carine Camboulives & Manu Bouvet have been travelling the world for the last 15 years. Their last trip brought them – together with their two daughters – to Kiribati an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, south of the Hawaiian islands. They brought all their toys: windsurf, SUP and kite equipment. Caroline: “I like the diversity of water sports as there is always one that fits the conditions.” 

Pierre Bouras (photographer of this trip): “The island offers an excellent lagoon with flat water and wind up to 25 knots. For wave sailing it is a bit more difficult to get the right wind direction. During our trip the wind was too offshore and too light for great wave riding conditions.” 


With their documentary “No gift for Christmas Island”, they don’t only show the beauty of the islands but also try to bring awareness on environmental challenges, since the nation of Kiribati is slowly vanishing under sea water rise. 

Directed by Martin Keruzoré