NO PWA WAVE FINAL IN MAUI – Unfortunately the PWA released the news today that the Aloha Classic 2017 will not be a PWA event.

PWA: “Despite widespread efforts on the part of the PWA and our partners, the 2017 Maui Aloha Classic will not be a World Cup event due to budget shortfall. This means that the Mercedes-Benz World Cup Sylt will be the final event of the PWA Wave Tour this year. The Aloha Classic will still proceed as an IWT event. We look forward to seeing the Aloha Classic back on the PWA calendar in 2018.”

There were already many rumors about the PWA event in Maui if it will happen or not. There were four successful events in the past 4 years, sponsored by the windsurfing industry, twice by NoveNove, once by Severne & Starboard and once by JP-Australia.

Although the event had always a result and the conditions were probably one of the biggest in 2016, there won’t be a 2017 PWA edition.

What went wrong? Why isn’t it attractive enough for sponsors to support an event in the windsurfing mecca Maui? Why doesn’t it attract companies outside the windsurfing business?

But the good thing is, the Aloha Classic will happen. It will be an IWT only event and we expect to see the Maui riders competing. Let’s see if any PWA riders will participate in the event, too. It will be the final tour stop of the IWT tour and will take place from October 29 till November 12 at Ho’okipa beach park.