German windsurfing champion (racing and overall) Nico Prien released his film THE THRIVE. It’s his latest video in cooperation with Ole Diebold. Nico and Ole want to show where the “thrive” (drive) for windsurfing comes from. The production of the film helped Nico to think about the origin about his passion for windsurfing. Nico is a very busy windsurfer and besides studying marketing via distance learning, he competes on national and international level in Slalom and Foil events. 

“The Thrive is a passion project that Ole Diebold and I have been working on for quite a while. Sure, we all love windsurfing and we think that’s because of the amazing feeling and joy it brings us. But where does this feeling really come from? We wanted to dig deeper and in the process of creating this short film, we realized that the source is something that everybody, not only windsurfers, can relate to. Everybody has a goal. For me it has definitely been becoming German Champion for the last years. For Antoine (Albeau) it’s becoming PWA World Champion and for your neighbor it might be succeeding with his business. The process of achieving is definitely something I learned to embrace in the past years and we hope the film will help you to do so, too.” (Nico Prien)

Nico Prien in “THE THRIVE”

Filmed by Ole Diebold, English, German or French subtitles available
Sound: Henning Terstiege