“Niche” – George Grisley Brazil 2022

This year UK windsurfer George Grisely went to Brazil for a 7 week trip with his friends from Club Vass and he scored a variety of different conditions at Jericoacoara, Malhada, Lagoa Grande and Maceio. George brought back a nice clip full of action.

As always, Jeri delivered the conditions and we were on the water everyday, either windsurfing, winging or longboarding. I really tried to focus on my starboard tack jumping this year, but on day 3 I completely wrote off my main board and was straight onto the back up board. A Starboard Flare from 2013 that Nic Hibdige had very kindly given me just before the trip. This board was super hard to do the new school combo moves on but was so much fun for jumping. I was fortunate enough to meet 3rd in the waves this year Lina Erpenstein, who taught me how to do Stalled forwards and gave me the push to try some Doubles. On a strike mission to a spot a few hours up the coast, Maceio, I managed to fall round my first “very wet” double. I think once you learn to forward the double is the next biggest goal in windsurfing, so I was super stoked with that.

It was also great to be back in the lagoon. For me this is one of the best places in the world to train and learn new moves. I finally got my head around a lot of the regular ducking moves which was the biggest goal for the trip. Overall it was an amazing trip once again as Jeri’s lifestyle is almost unrivalled to anywhere I’ve been around the world. I am already looking forward to next years trip. George Grisley

Video – George Grisley Brazil 2022

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Ivano stenta
Ivano stenta
2 months ago

Awesome video! Lots of action, no frills, slo-mo only in the right spots, no posing, and amazing windsurfing. Well done 🙂

Ivano stenta
Ivano stenta
2 months ago
Reply to  Ivano stenta

Also I really like that you left some frames before and after the moves, so that whole thing feels calmer than the usual neurotic editing that’s popular in WS videos.