The PWA  has launched a new award system: The Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards. The awards are open to PWA and non PWA riders alike and will consist of a variety of categories. The winners will get a trophy and of course the glory.


PWA: “The PWA is extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of the Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards. This is an entirely new concept of awards and they evolved from the riders. The awards will run every year starting from now, with the winner of each category being announced in February of the following year.”



Awards for both male and female riders:

  • Biggest Wave of the year
  • Jump of the year
  • Best single Wave riding move of the year
  • Freestyle move of the year
  • Wipe out of the year
  • Racing move of the year

One Award per category:

  • PWA sailor of the year
  • Honorary Award
  • Photographer of the year
  • Short film of the year 
  • Outstanding achievement in Windsurfing Cinematography


How to enter, the rules, etc, you can read here: