Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon (31) from the south coast of England near Southampton and Marco Wedele (29) from Germany are going to release their first windsurfing coaching in the upcoming spring. Both are working at Dahab and have the perfect playground there to run such a project. The DVD should be released in March 2012! Both were working for about 6 months to film the product. The DVD will have the focus on classic moves like Carve- or Duck Jibe, Carving 360ties, Heli- and Ducktacks, Upwind 360ties. They also will show a bit of Freestyle like Flakas, Vulcans or Spinloops. All moves will be filmed from 5 different angles: a wide view, a close up view, a hand cam view, a mast- and a feet view. Through these 5 view concept the producers want to differ from already existing products.

Read the short stories from Colin and Marco, how they grew as windsurfing coaches and how they came up with the idea to produce a coaching DVD.


We have the DVD already in stock and you can have a look on the final product.


Colin Whippy Dixon and Marco Wedele.

I have been windsurfing for 22 years and coaching for 12 years. I went to Australia in 2000 after my mate Luke twisted my arm. That changed my life, first time windsurfing in boardshorts. I got nailed in the waves and got hooked on freestyle, since then I have not looked back. It was like a new sport to me after spending my first 10 years going fast. I got my first windsurfing job in Cornwall and that changed my life.

In 2003 I joined the Club Vass gang, for me this was my dream job, working in the sun, windsurfing every day in a warm and windy place and getting taught and pushed by Windsurf legends, like Benny Harrison, Simon Hurrey, Andy Bubble Chambers and Ollie Scott. Working along side some of the best UK windsurfers really help me, it pushed my windsurfing and coaching. A big thanks goes out to all the guys I worked and competed with, far to many to mention,

I was very lucky, Tony and Roger the owners of Clubvass took a shine to me and gave me the chance to work for them all around the world. Starting at Club Dahab. After my first summer at Clubvass I was stoked, when I was given the opportunity work in Margrita. Training with all the local freestyle gods out there. We all did an unreal trip to Cape Verde by boat, that will live with me for ever, 

Since then I have been doing private coaching in the winter. Coaching in Brazil, Barbados, and pretty much where ever the wind takes me. I am the Beach Manger at Club Dahab at the moment and for the 2nd year in a row. And I am planning to go back to be beach manager at Clubvass in Greece. This has taught me more of the business and managerial roles within windsurfing.


Colin teaches a group of enthusiastic windsurfers at Dahab.

Marco and I are really excited about the Go Pro coaching DVD. We are excited as its very different from anything already on the market. We hope every one will enjoy and learn from it as much as we have enjoyed making it. We already have plans for a follow up specialising in Freestyle and more technical skills.

We have also just start WindSurfCoaching, we have started with a FREE online coaching page on Facebook and we plan to then turn this into are new web site that is getting built as we speak! 


Marco Wedele, 29, from the lovely lake of Constance in the southwest of Germany introduces himself:

I have been windsurfing for about 15 years and coaching for over a decade. I started living the dream in Dahab in 2003 and have coached from 2004 on.

Fortunately for me I got to meet Colin in 2004. He got me a job at Club Dahab (Club Vass) and from then my life took a massive change. I was working along side some very gifted sailors and instructors, like Simon Hurrey, Andy “Bubble” Chambers, Ollie Scott and of course Colin Whippy Dixon, and not only did I improve my own skills on the water, I also learned about teaching and coaching windsurfing as well as  speaking english :-)!

For the last 3 years I worked at Harry Nass in Dahab. I became head instructor and have a passion to teach people regardless of level. I love helping them achieving their goals and seeing them walking away happy with a big smile is priceless!

Marco likes to teach students at all levels.


The idea to make a Coaching DVD was there for quite some time and I was really happy when we got the budget to do it! I am very much looking forward now to hold the final product in my hands- its almost there :-)!!!


Watch a first trailer:

Go Pro with Colin and Marco from 93 Million Miles on Vimeo.



We have the DVD already in stock and you can have a look on the final product.


Go Pro DVD

Go Pro DVD