NeilPryde recently released following news concerning their NeilPryde UXT-RDM Extensions. All of you, who purchased the UXT-RDM Extension with the code REUXTR34, can get a new one. Read more!

Change your 2011 NeilPryde RDM at your local dealer (Source: NeilPryde).

To all users and owners of NeilPryde UXT-RDM Extensions – code: REUXTR34 – bought in 2011.
Our team just identified an issue on the new UXT-RDM Extension, code: REUXTR34. This applies to a limited number of the first batch of REUXTR34 Extensions.

We released the first batch based on extensive testing on a significant number of extensions. However, it is now coming to our attention that there is a rare possibility for the U-pin to disengage from the base during use.
This could happen when there is a high load on the base pulling it open and rotation of the pin at the same time. This situation could happen when the board and rig are being washed in breaking waves or when rotating and pulling up on the rig (e.g. aerials, 360’s…)

We are taking action and have upgraded the button system to prevent this from happening.
We recommend that owners of the UXT-RDM Extension – code: REUXTR34, who purchased their extension in the year 2011, replace their extension with a free replacement set issued by an authorised NeilPryde Windsurfing dealer.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but we trust that you can appreciate that we do not want to put anyone at risk with this issue.

With Regards,
NeilPryde Windsurfing

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