NeilPryde announces LIVE broadcasting from their annual Maui photo shoot starting on April 4th.

They have partnered with Jay from Globalshots and will be sending photos, videos, interviews and updates – as they happen.

“Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the photo shoot and interact with TeamPryde directly. We will announce interviews in advance so that you have a chance to ask some questions. All this will happen on our Facebook Page so make sure you ‘Like’ us to keep up to date,” the NP marketing promises.

After we put this article and a poll online, if it is a good idea to advertize 2012 products already in spring 2011, the NP marketing sent us the following: “We will not be showing any 2012 products at all and will not be advertising the products until August 2011 when they are launched.  The photoshoot live update, will show rider interviews (not mentioning the 2012 gear), life style, photographer interviews etc. but no product at all.”