Nayra Alonso is having a little competition comeback. The 36 year-old windsurfer from Gran Canaria used to compete on top level in the women’s wave fleet. A few years ago she married John Skye and just 7 months ago she gave birth to their second child Dany. Honestly we did not expect to see her name on the entry list of the Aloha Classic this year, but Nayra registered. We thought we need to catch up with Nayra and ask her about her expectations and how things are going. Nayra knows Ho’okipa pretty well, she got the feeling for waves and maybe she can surprise herself with a good performance. 

Nayra Alonso by Alvaroluna Photography

Nayra Alonso by Alvaroluna Photography

Interview with Nayra Alonso

Continentseven: How is life going, with two kids and a busy husband? Still time left for windsurfing?
Nayra Alonso: It is all going really well. Life with 2 kids is very different than it was before, but an absolutely amazing new chapter of life. The husband is away a lot, so that means it is pretty difficult to find time for windsurfing. 

Continentseven: When did you have your last windsurfing session? 
Nayra Alonso: It was probably back at the end of the summer while John was still around. After that the wind has switched off too. So just a few surfing sessions if John is home. It is pretty tricky to leave two little children to anyone to go for a session. Plus Dany is still breastfeeding too every 3 hours more or less so I don’t really leave for long. 

Continentseven: You stopped your professional career back in 2013. Now it’s October 2015 and we spotted you on the entry list for the Aloha Classic? Are you hungry to compete again?
Nayra Alonso: No, not at all hungry for competing. I don’t really miss it, not even one bit. I did it for I can not remember how long, and it was lovely and amazing. But that part of my life is done and dusted. Now this is where I am and I am loving it. I still want to windsurf as much as I can, but about the competition side of it I am actually very happy it is finished. 

Continentseven: What do you expect? You spent much time on Maui and know the waves at Ho’okipa very well.
Nayra Alonso: Absolutely nothing. I just hope I can enjoy it in a different way than before. I used to feel a lot of pressure in competitions and I hated that. So I guess what I expect is to do one competition, where I finally have no pressure. 

Nayra Alonso by John Carter

Nayra Alonso by John Carter

Continentseven: Is Ho’okipa the perfect place to have a comeback?
Nayra Alonso: No, it is just how it has worked out. We have been planning this trip to Maui since I was pregnant with Dany (our second child, which is 7 months now) and as the comp is happening and I will be around all the time for John I might as well go out on the water. I did sail there a lot and I loved the place, but I haven’t been there in ages and I haven’t sailed proper “big” waves in about 3 years, so expectations are pretty low!! But what I also expect is to sail with the girls I used to be on tour with for most of the years! Anne Marie, Tiffany, Daida and Iballa, Junko!!!! That will be fun!!!

Continentseven: What’s your perception of windsurfing having a family and being busy with so many other things in life?
Nayra Alonso: I have to say that seeing the whole show from outside has changed a lot my perception of it. Things that seemed VERY crucial and important before seem now so silly and insignificant. Live and learn they say!  But I love seeing everything from outside. It makes me feel all those things I was feeling back then. I see new people doing things the same way and with the same passion and I can remember exactly what it was at that point for me. 

Family life

Family life

Continentseven: Do you feel fit and ready for a World Cup?
Nayra Alonso: Definitely not. As John is away so much I don’t really have any time for fitness at the moment. By the time I finish putting them both to sleep I am knackered and all I can do is lay down! Once kids will be a bit bigger and both go to school then I will start working again a bit more on that department. I have an “injury” from pregnancy called Diastasis recti (separation from the abs) and apart from the functional part of it it means I look like I am still 4 months pregnant!! But time will come when I can try to get fit again. No worries!

Continentseven: Did you follow the girls and boys on tour?
Nayra Alonso: Just a little bit. Honestly, I barely looked when John was on!! I seem to be running all day at the moment with no much computer time at all. 

Continentseven: Are you surprised about the upcoming younger girls?
Nayra Alonso: I am though! I did see a bit of Fiona last year in Maui and she surprised a lot how good she was so young!! Also how quickly Sarah-Quita is making her way up in the waves, although this doesn’t surprise me! I think Amanda is pushing a lot too… so I think they are having a lot of fun competing! 

Continentseven: What are the conditions you are hoping for at the NoveNove Aloha Classic?
Nayra Alonso: Mellow. Hahahaha…. I hope it is mellow! no more than head to logo high please. Not at the moment! hahahaha

Continentseven: We wish good luck and a lot of fun on and off the water!!
Nayra Alonso: Thanks so much! And thanks for your interest! 


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