Stéphane Debuire is working on a DVD featuring the windsurfing spots in the South-East of France. Stef Video: “After over a year with shooting and also the collaboration of many people in different places to collect additional images, the DVD will be available in the May issue of the French WIND Magazine (No. 365). The cast and the level on the water is impressive (Albeau, Moussilmani, Traversa, Taboulet, Thiémé, Ruenes, Reynes, Mellouet, Puig, Légier Mortefon, Vigouroux, Bordes, Filippi, short … heavy!)!”
Here is the very nice trailer, which looks very promising. We are definitely looking forward to see the full DVD.

MY Wave – Windsurf video – Crew Contest 2012 von Riders-Match