Mohammed “Momo” Elabdi is a Moroccan wave windsurfer, who lives, rides and works at Moulay Bouzerktoun, Morocco. That’s the spot, where Moroccan windsurfing pro Boujmaa Guilloul created most of his crazy tricks. French windsurfer Bastien Rama released a video about Momo, who wants to study English at the University and learn crazy windsurfing moves at the same time.

Bastien Rama: “The young Moroccan goes incredible high and always has smile in his face. Momo is a hyper talented windsurfer!”

Momo’s introduction: “Well, my name is Mouhammed Elabdi. My friends call me Momo. I am 21 years old. I am from Moulay Bouzerktoun, a radical surfing and windsurfing spot in which, my addiction to water sports arose. I started to learn swimming when I was about 4 or 5 years old, body boarding at 7, surfing and windsurfing at about 14, SUPing at 17, and finally kiting at 18. Windsurfing is the most practiced sport among the previous mentioned sports. However, I practice Surfing, Kiting, and SUPing most often whenever the conditions are suitable for them. Windsurfing (among other sports) is considered in Moulay Bouzerktoun as a part of its culture.
Whenever there is a newborn infant in Moulay, this means a new member in windsurfing community. Boujmaa Guilloul was the first rider of the first generation ever to initiate windsurfing in Moulay Bouzerktoun. I am considered to belong to the third generation. I lived in Dakhla for about a year, which helped me a lot to polish my wave riding skills because of its fabulous clean waves and super light wind. So far I have participated in many competitions and made always sure to stand on the podium. The last AWT event in Moulay Bouzerktoun was one of my first biggest international experiences ever and I made it to semi-final. I intend to give the best I can in the upcoming one in 2017. For the moment I study English Studies in the University of Agadir.”

Mohammed “Momo” Elabdi rides waves and jumps high with his windsurfing gear in Moulay Bouzerktoun, Morocco