The Irish sailor and good friend of Mikey Clancy Katie McAnena, who is in Cape Town at the moment, organised a one-month-on tribute to Mikey Clancy, who sadly passed away much too early on January 6th. Friends from the UK, Ireland and Europe who loved Mikey and were all in Cape Town together to windsurf, remember Mikey’s Month’s Mind on 6/2/13.


Katie: “Today is Mikey’s Month’s Mind as we call it in Ireland, a month after he passed, today 06/02/12 which is a big event in Ireland. So many of Mikey’s friends were here in Cape Town for this event that we thought we’d do a paddle out in his memory. So many people came and I’d like to thank them so much; John Skye, Ross Williams, Chris Murray, Andy Bubble Chambers, Max Rowe, Jem Hall, Jamie Hancock, Steven Van Broeckhaven, Chris Friis, Amanda Beenan, Manuel Grafenauer, Dave White, Mike Archer and many many more. Again I am speechless at the loss of an incredible person, an incredible friend and an incredible windsurfer. I honestly have nothing to say that can articulate how the wind has been punched out of all of us and we are truly heartbroken. All our love and thoughts are with his amazing family; Bernie, Sean and Michael Snr today, and every day.”


Thanks to Dave White for the picture