News Release from MauiSails

Micah Buzianis, former World Champion, joins MauiSails in 2012. With over twenty five years of racing experience and several World Titles under his belt, Micah will be blending his experience with Barry Spanier, Art Szpunar, and Phil McGain to go after another title.

Micah Buzianis - Pic: MauiSails

Micah commented, “I couldn’t be happier about my new relationship with MauiSails. This is an exciting opportunity for me to work with Barry, Phil, and Art. The knowledge, experience, and history these three guys have in our sport is immeasurable and unsurpassable, with more World Titles under their belt than any other team in Windsurfing. For me to have people like this to work with and support my racing is going to be magical”.


Phil McGain said, “The TR-8 race sails are our best effort yet. They are primed to win and have been delivered to the market. We expect big things in 2012 from a sailor of Micah’s caliber. Having him based here in Maui will advance our development, help him with his preparation, and improve the performance of all our products at MauiSails”.


Micah further comments, ”I’ve had some good sessions on the TR-8s already and am very impressed. They suit my boards very well and the comfort and speed is going to allow me to focus on the course, get a good start, pursue a tactically clean race, and finish ahead. I’ve also had a chance to play with the Legend and the Ghost XT… both feel very light and lively in the surf and in the air.”

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